Jon Gindick is one of the best known harmonica players in the world.

His funny and useful books and cds that teach people to play blues harmonica have sold over a million and half copies.

His You-Tube videos have tens of thousands of viewers.

His bi-annual Blues Harmonica Jam Camps held in Clarksdale Mississippi at the Shack Up Inn and Hopson Commissary attract harmonica learning pilgrims from all over the world.

Now, his new CD, We All Come Back As Music, in collaboration with producer and bass player, guitarist, keyboard player, percussionist, Ralph Carter, opens new frontiers for Jon, and hopefully
music lovers everywhere.

It's an album of Gindick's songs, stories, ideas, and interesting chord progressions music set to sexy grooves and sophisticated and colorful musical ideas and production from master musician and producer Carter. The result is hybrid blues and dixie land marriage with shades of big band, salsa ,funk
and jazz.

Jon started writing songs at the age of three and if pressed can still sing you the first he remembers.

Jon Gindick's Band
Jon Gindick: harmonica , vocals, accoustic guitar
Ralph Carter: keyboards, electric guitars
Matt Rodela: bass guitar
Louis Broussard: drums

For information about booking Jon for your event, call 310-457-8278.

Author/Musician/Marketing/ Whiz

Mr. Gindick started playing harmonica and guitar in 1960,and teaching harmonica in 1972.

In 1977, he self-published his first instruction book and cassette and sold it in “Rolling Stone Magazine” with a harmonica.  His use of cartoons and humor to teach was new to music instruction. The product sold 250,000 copies through music stores, libraries, catalogues, “Parade Magazine”, television, and Jon’s living room mail order business.

In 1984, Jon wrote and recorded the light-hearted book/cassette package Country & Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless, published by Klutz Press, which went on to sell 1.5 million copies. Today, Jon’s Rock n’ Blues Harmonica book and CD tops the charts at  Because of Jon Gindick’s books and audios, millions of harmonicas have been sold, and countless people have gotten hooked on music, included some of the great players of today.

Jon Gindick has been called the “Johnny Appleseed of the Harmonica.”

Blues Harmonica Jam Camp

In 1988, Jon Gindick began teaching weekly harmonica workshops for groups of 20.
It was noticeable how people learned faster and more joyfully in groups, especially when gently and incrementally challenged to participate by performing in front of each other.

In 2002, Jon put on his first Blues Harmonica Jam Camp, a weekend intensive focusing on the fundamentals of blues harp jamming. Since then Jon has put on over thirty camps
in cities ranging from Boston to San Diego,  Portland, Austin, St. Louis, Saba Island in the carribean, Clarksdale, Mississippi and many others.The camps gather 35  students of all levels for a unique program of learning, listening and playing. 

Jon invites other accomplished harmonica and guitar players players to help as coaches, and brings in bands for jamming to create a unique learn-by-jamming experience. Over the course of several days, people improve quickly. The camps, now legendary in the harmonica world, have evolved  from three  to five days--and include singing, song writing, and guitar playing, as well as  beginning through advanced harmonica, and harmonica repairs. Jon’s next camps are in historic Clarksdale, Mississippi, on Highway 61,  the heart of Americas blues country, where the blues was born. Part seminar, part celebration, each camp is an unforgettable experience.

Meet Jon Gindick